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We could tell you that we were founded in 1992. We could tell you that we’ve sold more retractable screens than anyone else in the industry. We could even tell you that we’ve got distributors in far flung places like Australia, the UK and Mexico.

But that’s not what matters.

What matters is you

You see, as big as we’ve become, every single one of our customers matter to us. We want to make a difference – even in a small way – in the lives of the people we touch. So we pride ourselves on truly great service, amazing products and the simple joy of opening up your home to good things.

You might be forgiven for thinking that a company’s mission statement or vision document doesn’t really matter. That they’re a bit of a cliché. In some cases, we’d have to agree with you.

But for us at Phantom Screens, our vision captures our overall direction in life. It’s where we’re heading – where we want to be in the future.

It’s our big, stretch goal.

Our vision…

There when you need us, enhancing your lifestyle, making us your choice for retractable screen solutions … experience Phantom

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