Window Basics


How to Flash a Window

Flashing a window is a relatively easy process and if done right will prevent any future problems.

The first step in flashing a window is to insure that the rough opening (the area you are putting the window into) is the correct size. Your rough opening should be 1/2" larger in both width and height than the actual size of the window. Once you have confirmed this you are ready to start.

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Maintenance for Windows

Windows are just like your car. You need to provide regular preventative maintenance to insure proper operation and appearance. At least once a year, we recommend twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall you should inspect all of your windows.




Condensation is a very common problem in Northern Michigan or anywhere the climate provides cold temperatures. It is a common misperception that something is wrong with the window if condensation is forming on the interior of the window.


Product Warranty

All window manufactures provide some type of warranty on the windows they produce. In most instances the warranties provided for quality windows are very similar. Below you will see a very basic overview of the type of warranty you should expect to accompany your windows.



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