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Commercial & Restoration

We have developed the Old Mission Windows Commercial Group to help you meet commercial project needs with professionalism, integrity, and attention to detail. Our goal is to furnish timely and accurate information through responsive communications.

Old Mission Windows defines a commercial project as a building which typically requires construction document review, signed and sealed by an architect or professional engineer who is registered by the Department of Regulation & Licensing. These projects typically are public buildings and/or places of employment. Examples include:

  1. Schools or Educational Buildings
  2. Churches or Religious Facilities
  3. Office Buildings, such as Medical and Dental Offices
  4. Hospitality, such as Hotels, Motels, Resorts & Restaurants
  5. Low Rise Town Home and Condominium Projects and Apartments (min. 4-units)
  6. Historical Renovation Projects
  7. Libraries
  8. Mercantile (Specialty Shops)
  9. Club Houses, Golf Pro Shops
  10. Financial Institutions, such as Banks and Credit Unions

Note that some residential projects - depending upon the size, scope & complexity - may be handled as commercial projects. When in question, call 800-491-2951 for all the details.

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