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About Us: Our Services

In addition to selling quality windows and doors, Old Mission Windows also provides these outstanding services...

Window Consultation
At Old Mission Windows we pride ourselves in our experience and ability to provide a seamless building experience. We welcome any opportunity to meet with Homeowners, Architects, & Builders to discuss building plans. Whether you are just in the planning stage or have lived in your home for 20 years we welcome every opportunity to help.

Window Installation
Yes, we do install the windows we sell. However, in many cases the scale of the project warrants a licensed builder to be involved who is better suited for large projects. There are many local builders featured on this web site who do quality work and carry our highest recommendation. Please see Architect and Builders page. For installation instructions please see our window basics page.

Window & Door Service
We have two service technicians who are fully trained and capable of solving the most difficult issues. There skills are not just limited to our products, we are capable of servicing just about any product line. If you would like to contact us please feel free to submit a request via this web site or call us at 231-947-2120.