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homeThat is the affirmation of Old Mission Windows. A Northern Michigan based windows and doors distribution center supplying Kolbe and Kolbe, Solaris International and Weather Shield products. Old Mission Windows offers a full range of window options as well as interior and exterior doors and trim packages to accommodate any project.


Established in 1985 as a family owned and operated business, Old Mission Windows prides itself in the reputation it has built as the premier supplier of windows and doors for custom-built homes in Northern Michigan and beyond. We have developed one of the most technically proficient and experienced staffs of window experts. This coupled with our outstanding support team allows us to consistently exceed customers’ expectations. Old Mission Windows can be counted on to provide the highest quality windows and doors and provide the service after the sale that gives peace of mind to architects, builders and homeowners alike.


Why Choose Us

  • Established in 1985, Old Mission Windows has been serving the Grand Traverse area for 34 years
  • 6,000 square foot showroom displaying over 6 different window grades
  • Premier dealer Kolbe, Solaris and Weather Shield Windows and Doors
  • We offer aluminum clad/wood, vinyl and vinyl with wood grain
  • Professional installation available
  • 18 month full service warranty
  • Full service from design to installation
  • Several glazing options, including low-e, laminated and tinted glass

Kolbe Casement Windows

The Kolbe casement window is an excellent choice for letting in sunlight and maximizing your best views.


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Craftsmen Doors

This Kolbe Craftsman door makes an elegant home entrance door featuring side lights, attractive detailing, and solid construction.

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Weather Shield Windows & Doors

Weather Shield is a leading manufacturer of innovative window and door system products for the residential and commercial building industry worldwide.

Our success is measured by the success of our customers. We must provide them with quality products and services that continually meet or exceed their expectations.

We will strive to provide our employees with a safety conscious environment that fosters their involvement and provides them with opportunities for long-term employment, along with personal and professional growth.

Through the continuous growth of our employees, we will collectively be able to design, engineer and manufacture new, innovative products that meet the needs of our customers. This will insure us all continued long-term profitable growth.

Our business affairs will be conducted with the highest level of integrity. We will always be conscious of our business ethics, legal affairs and our environment.

To accomplish our Mission, we request God's guidance. With His guidance, we cannot fail.


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Sunrise Windows

Sunrise Windows was formed in 1994 by Gary Delman, Larry VanDeVelde, and Elliott Delman. For many prior years, these three worked at another nationally known manufacturer of vinyl windows which was founded by Gary's father. After that company was sold to a publicly traded company, Gary, Elliott and Larry continued to work there, but over the ensuing seven years, the direction of the company changed dramatically from the initial focus. An entrepreneurial, innovative company started to evolve into a typical corporate environment. The needs of the customers and the creativity of the employees were no longer paramount, and so, Gary, Elliott and Larry decided there had to be a better way. By continuing to listen to the wants and desires of customers and employees, Gary, Elliott and Larry set off to design a brand new company, that being Sunrise Windows.


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Therma-Tru Doors

Therma-Tru Doors first created the fiberglass entry door category over 20 years ago with the introduction of our Fiber-Classic ® wood-grained doors. Today, we are the nation's leading manufacturer of fiberglass and steel exterior door systems, and we are the most preferred brand of entry doors by builders and remodelers.

Since our beginning in 1962, Therma-Tru Doors has been revolutionizing the home improvement industry with our innovations and technologies in door systems. We've been improving millions of homes across the country with our original door styles such the wood-grain lines of Classic-Craft ® Oak, Mahogany, Rustic and American Style Collections™, our Smooth-Star® fiberglass doors, and our patio door selections.

Not only has our attention to details in styling brought improved curb appeal and value to our customers 'homes, but our proprietary security systems and top-of-the-line weather resistance features built into every door we make, brings the comfort of a Therma-Tru Door home to its owner.


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Kolbe Windows & Doors

At Kolbe & Kolbe, our goal is to produce a product with superior features that are built into every window and door – not added on. These "quality in detail" features are evident in all our units – from our most intricate custom units to our utility windows. Rest assured, we remain steadfast in our commitment to produce only the best.


To achieve that goal, we remain dedicated to the philosophies that inspired Herb & Ervin Kolbe nearly 60 years ago:

  • We will always use the best materials and superior craftsmanship to produce the finest windows and doors available.
  • We will strive to completely satisfy our customer.
  • We will not allow manufacturing shortcuts that compromise the integrity of our design.
  • We will not sacrifice either innovation or competitiveness.
  • We will continue to manufacture windows and doors by harmonizing technology with the artful skill of the human eye and hand.
  • The safety and health of our employees and a healthy environment will always be priorities.
Your complete and total satisfaction is our primary concern. Take a look at Kolbe® windows & doors... and See the Difference Quality Makes™.


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Founded in 1972, Solaris manufactures 100% PVC casement, awning, double hung and horizontal sliding windows as well as entrance door systems and PVC clad woodframe patio doors.


Our products are used in the residential and light commercial markets, both in new constructions and remodelings.


Over the years, Solaris has earned an enviable reputation, not only for high quality products and services and for quick delivery, but also for supplying what its customers request. Our customer service awards in Eastern Canada for Supplier of the Year to contractors in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 are proof of the success we have attained.


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VELUX has a long history of fulfilling consumer desires for natural light and ventilation, going all the way back to our founding in Denmark back in 1941.


The company beginnings were out of necessity. After the devastation of WWII, there was a tremendous lack of housing and commercial space throughout Europe. The VELUX founder, Mr. Villum Kann Rasmussen, saw an opportunity to provide more space by bringing natural light and air into attic spaces through the roof. This idea led to the design of the first roof windows, which were initially used to convert unused attics into classrooms.


From those early beginnings, VELUX has expanded throughout the world by providing ways to convert unusable space into the best room in the house.


And today, VELUX operates companies in over 40 countries around the globe, including in the US.


VELUX first came to the US in 1975, with the creation of the first VELUX overseas sales and marketing company, VELUX America Inc. This was followed in 1978 by the establishment of VELUX Greenwood Inc, the manufacturing center of VELUX products sold in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia and other countries. In 2001, VELUX Solutions Inc was created to oversee the proper installation and servicing of VELUX products in the US.


Together, VELUX America, VELUX Greenwood and VELUX Solutions bring the benefits of daylight and fresh air into the spaces where people live, work and enjoy themselves.


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Wood Harbor Doors & Cabinetry

Woodharbor Interior Doors are manufactured with a philosophy similar to that of cabinetry ... Woodharbor Interior Doors are built per order rather than mass produced. A variety of wood species are available -oak, maple, cherry, hickory, birch, poplar, mahogany and knotty alder -and hundreds of door designs -raised panels, flat panels, molded doors, french doors, arched doors and more. All are available with a beautiful factory finish in your choice of finish colors or a custom color.


The Lewerkes brought their experience in fine cabinet-making to the wood door industry, adding some very unique and exclusive features to a Woodharbor door that sets them apart from all other interior doors.


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Empire Trim

The Empire Company was founded in 1946 as a small regional distributor of building materials which was serviced from a single location. During the 60's and 70's, the company's focus began to shift from rough construction products to millwork.


"The customer always comes first," has been the underlying theme to Empire's success and growth. From the beginning of the supply chain to wherever your business is, Empire is working hard for you.


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L.J. Smith Stair Systems

Congratulations! You have taken The Right Step by choosing L.J. Smith Stair Systems-the only manufacturer who offers an opportunity for a Stronger Stair System, and the wildest variety of styles available...


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News & Tips

1/22/07 ~ Growing To Serve You Better

Old Mission Windows Expands, Enhances Services With Four Seasons Acquisition.

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - Old Mission Windows has acquired another locally owned and operated window company, Four Seasons Windows and Glass. The acquisition is expected to increase the company’s sales by about $1 million, along with expanding its product line and services.


“We’re very excited about the expansion of our operations and how it will benefit our customers, our company and our employees,” said Old Mission Windows president Jim Cesario.


The acquisition allows Old Mission Windows to provide its customers with a more complete line of premium custom windows and doors by adding the Weather Shield™ brand. For the last 30 years, Four Seasons Windows and Glass, a family-owned, full service window and glass company has been the sole distributor of Weather Shield™ products. As a result of the acquisition, Old Mission Windows will take the lead as the primary distributor of Weather Shield™ products in northern Michigan, whose products include aluminum clad wood and vinyl windows and doors.


“By adding this product line, and bringing Dave Schichtel, the previous owner of Four Seasons Window and Glass on staff, we are consolidating the premier window and door choices available to northern Michigan customers under the roof of one well-established, local business,” said Cesario. “We anticipate that this venture will have a positive impact on the local economy as we increase services and employment opportunities in the community.”


As part of the expansion, Old Mission Windows will increase its showroom space to display the new Weather Shield™ products. The expansion is scheduled to be complete by April 2007.

1/11/07 ~ Lake Views and Energy-Efficiency

Kolbe Windows and Doors showcased in Michigan Award-Winning Home

Wausau, Wis. (Aug. 2006) – The forested, rolling terrain and many lakes surrounding Michigan's Traverse City area lure homeowners, designers, builders and naturalists. Marcy Hurst and Scott Norris, co-owners of Olde World Custom Homes, have focused their design/build business on creating efficient, beautiful designs constructed for waterfront and "view" sites such as Joni and Bob Formisano's new home. The couple's visually striking, timber frame residence showcases 82 Kolbe-crafted windows and doors offering near limitless views of Pearl Lake's eastern shore.


The amount of glass might suggest the house would have energy efficiency issues in its northern climate, but quite the opposite is true. Kolbe's Ultra Series windows and doors helped earn the house a Michigan ENERGY STAR® grant. The grants are awarded every year to licensed residential builders whose projects demonstrate energy efficiency and innovative design and construction. Grant recipients receive up to $8,000 for marketing, energy rating and other expenses. The Formisano's home was the highest scoring of the five winners for 2005.


"Kolbe's products are so diverse, that it was very easy to design windows to fit the home's sense of place and style and enable it to merge more compatibly with its surroundings," said Marc Cesario of Old Mission Windows, which supplied the windows and doors. The house features several radius units, and there are custom grills in all 12 doors and 60 windows. The windows are trimmed in pine, and fir was used on the doors.


Olde World specified Kolbe products both for aesthetics and their energy efficiency track record. Dual-insulating glass units with LoE² coating and argon gas are standard on Ultra Series products, helping them to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines in all climate zones. Cesario also noted, "The superior ratings of Kolbe's products means homeowners can enjoy the views without thinking that their dollars are flying out the windows – or the doors."


This two-story, $1.4 million home encompasses 6,200-square-feet and "shows that it's entirely possible to have a large home and still be environmentally conscious," said Hurst. "Because this house meets ENERGY STAR requirements, the cost of heating/cooling it is 61% less than a similarly-sized home that doesn't."


Although Olde World has not previously pursued ENERGY STAR grants, Hurst emphasized "energy efficiency is always our first focus, because it is the longest lasting value that we can provide to our clients. Our design and building standards are such that all of the homes we have completed would comply with the ENERGY STAR requirements."


The Formisano's ENERGY STAR home also won the People's Choice Award for Best Home in the Grand Traverse area's annual Parade of Homes. Hurst said the Parade is one of Olde World's biggest marketing tools: "The attendants of the Parade are looking for all kinds of new ideas. It was great to be able to show them so many sustainable and energy efficient resources in one place."


Along with Kolbe's energy-efficient Ultra windows and doors, the residence incorporates sustainable and recycled materials, and sensible approaches to energy management. For example, radiant heat elements for the first floor allowed downsizing of the forced air furnace because once the desired heating level is reached, the radiant heating makes that level easier to maintain, so the furnace uses less fossil fuel. Structural insulated panel construction (two layers of oriented strandboard with styrofoam in between), cement fiber siding and a heat recovery ventilator -- which takes air from outside and conditions it before releasing it inside -- are other conservation considerations.


To learn more about the home’s ENERGY STAR qualifications, please visit Olde World Custom Homes.

12/8/06 ~ Combating Condensation

In the fall and early spring you may notice small beads of moisture on the glass. These small beads that appear on the windows and doors are a natural occurrence that is a symptom of excess humidity in your home. In almost all instances these small beads known as condensation are not a result of a defect in your window or door. You will notice condensation on your windows and doors first, because their surface temperature is lower than other visible surfaces in your home (ex: walls, attics…).




The level of condensation in your home is affected by a mixture of gases in the air. Almost all air holds a gas commonly known as water vapor. This vapor is referred to as humidity. Humidity is moisture in the air.


Relative humidity can be figures out by taking the amount of water vapor actually in the air divided by the amount of water vapor the air can hold. Warm air can hold more water vapor than cold air. If air is 100% saturated when the temperature drops, the colder air will need to release water vapor. The vapor that is released and seen on your windows and doors is known as condensation.


Condensation on your windows and door occurs, because the outside temperature drops, and the glass on your windows and doors is cool enough to begin cooling the air indoors. Because cooler air cannot hold as much water vapor as warm air, the saturated air inside your home releases excess water vapor once it reaches the cold glass on your window or door. The colder the temperature is outside the lower your humidity level in the house must be to reduce the potential for condensation.




Use your windows and doors as an early warning signal for potential condensation problems, because they’re usually the coldest surface inside your house and usually the first place where damage occurs. Seeing condensation on windows and doors will notify you of a problem with the humidity level in your house, before it becomes a more serious problem. If left unchecked, a condensation problem in your home may cause wood to rot, paint to peel, insulation to deteriorate, molds to grow- the floors may even buckle. Even if the moisture problem is not excessive, it can deteriorate the wood, as well as interior finish. And, when water runs off a window or door, it can seep into, deteriorate and discolor drywall and carpeting.




In most older homes, the insulation and weather-stripping, and other house tightening factors allowed the house to breathe and exchange drier air with more humid air. Most newer homes are built for energy efficiency. They are sealed very well and have less ventilation than older homes. Thus drier air is not allowed to exchange with the humid air in your home, causing more humidity in your home.




One shower produces ½ pint or water vapor.
Cooking and dishwashing produces 1 pint or water vapor per meal.
One household plant produces 1 pint of water vapor daily.
One person’s breathing produces 3 pints of water vapor per day.




Fortunately there are many possible solutions to the problem of condensation. If one solution doesn't eliminate the problem, try another- or a combination.

  1. Check your window coverings. Heavy window coverings restrict the flow of warm air over the interior glass surface. Therefore, the glass remains cool and allows condensation to form.
  2. If you use a humidifier in your house in the winter, keep an eye on the humidity level. When it gets too high, turn the humidifier down or off completely.
  3. Reduce indoor humidity by cracking open windows for short periods of time each day. Outdoor winter air is much drier than indoor air. Open windows to allow moist air to escape and dry air to enter- the humidity level will lessen as a result.
  4. Use bathroom, kitchen and laundry room exhaust fans to vent humidity to the out doors.
  5. If there is condensation between a storm window and sash, humidity is being trapped. Simply loosen the storm window a bit to let moisture escape. (This will affect your heating cost very little.)
  6. Vent all gas burners and clothes dryers to the outdoors, as water vapor is a by-product of gas combustion.
  7. Raise glass surface temperatures by installing appropriate heating systems under windows and near the floor on exterior walls.
  8. Install an air-to-air heat exchanger. This will exhaust stale air and bring in fresh air, white transferring heat for the stale air to the fresh air.
  9. Install a wide overhang and/or rain gutters and downspout to divert rain water away from the house foundation.
  10. Replace single-pane windows with insulating glass windows, install storm windows or both. Single pane windows are often inadequate- the glass becomes very cold in winter, allowing moisture, frost and ice to form.
  11. Cover ducts and pipes with insulation that have a vapor barrier on the outside; seal joints between sections of insulation with barrier tape.
  12. Insulate walls to keep their interior surfaces warm and prevent condensation. Check insulation periodically. If it settles, insulation should be added so the upper wall is protected.
  13. Vent crawl spaces. Sealed crawl spaces force moisture to penetrate floors above and cause humidity problems as well as floor damage. Foundation vents in the crawl space, together with a ground cover such as polyethylene film, will prevent moisture from penetrating the floor above.
  14. Insulating the ceiling. This will reduce heat loss as will as prevent condensation problems. Install the insulation at the exterior wall by extending it over the wall plate, then fastening it down. Otherwise, wind can blow under the insulation and chill the exterior part of the ceiling.
  15. Vent the attic. Because condensation that forms in an attic can drip to the ceilings below, attics need proper ventilation. Check that attic louvers are not obstructed. Ventilation should be distributed uniformly along the roof, equally divided between the high ridge and the low overhang. Attics need two vent openings: one to take outdoor air in and one to allow indoor air to escape. Call a heating or ventilation contractor for help in attaining the right amount of ventilation in your attic.
  16. Vent exterior walls by installing miniature louvers known as cold-side venting. This will prevent moisture from condensing between exterior and interior walls. It is especially helpful if a home does not have an exterior vapor barrier, to ensure that water vapor that enters the wall space has a means to escape to the outdoors. One square inch of venting should be installed between each stud.
  17. If building new or remodeling, consider installing a vapor barrier to the exterior wall surface. The membrane should be continuous and unbroken to prevent moisture seepage. All joints must overlap and the barrier must be fastened securely on studs, joists or bracing.
  18. Grade the ground around the house for good drainage. This will help prevent moisture from entering the house.


Should mildew that is caused from condensation on your windows and doors occur, you should remove it as soon as possible. Mildew can be removed using a solution of 10-20% bleach and the remainder water. Scrub affected areas with a soft cloth to loosen mildew, then rinse thoroughly. Wear protective clothing, especially for eyes and hands. Wash and rinse body well after each mildew removal session.




Condensation which is located on the exterior of your windows is nothing to worry about. Exterior condensation means the windows and doors are doing their job. The more energy-efficient your windows and doors are, the more likely they are to experience exterior condensation. The only way to reduce exterior condensation is to increase the temperature of the outer glass surface above the dew point of the air. You can try increasing the temperature inside your home or opening the blinds, shades or drapes, but you may not be able to eliminate exterior condensation completely.




If moisture is present between the two panes of glass, there may be a problem with the seal on the unit. Contact your window supplier for information on having the unit checked for seal failure.


For more information on condensation check the following web site: www.nwwda.org


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