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Kolbe® windows and doors can contribute to sustainable green design due to their durability and energy-efficient technology, as well as the utilization of materials and finishes that address environmental concerns.






Weather Shield believes Want MoreTM extends beyond products. Learn about our green efforts, from glazing options that maximize energy efficiency and personal comfort, to reducing natural resource consumption through sustainable-growth woods. We're working hard to ease our burden on the environment with recyclable materials like glass, vinyl and wood, plus low Volatile Organic Compound paints and sealants. Building green with Weather Shield saves money too. Come see how our work on behalf of nature grows on.







SCS Certified

TruStile Doors is proud to support the sustainable building movement, offering the highest quality Green MDF doors for residential and commercial builders. TruStile's 300+ standard door styles allow your customers to achieve Green building objectives without compromising quality, style or design flexibility.

And now, with TruStile's No-Added Formaldehyde MDF option, you have one more reason to turn to TruStile when selling doors to Green builders. Whether you are selling doors for a custom home or a four-star hotel, TruStile Doors is your single-source provider for premium, environmentally-friendly doors.
• Certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to be constructed of 93% recycled content – 23% post-industrial (pre-consumer)
• Manufactured with low-emitting adhesives
• Help builders qualify for LEED credits in two categories:
1. Materials and resources
2. Indoor environmental quality
• Manufactured in a modern plant committed to responsible practices
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